Custom Content Management Systems (CMS)

Believe it or not, WordPress is not for everybody. If WordPress doesn't address your needs, we have a tried-and-true content management system that has been in development longer than the careers of many of today's developers. It's very flexible and completely customizable. Where editing freedom is required, we can provide that, but where it's necessary to make sure website editors "color within the lines," we can provide for that as well, using custom data entry forms.

Among the features of our CMS are these:

  • Our CMS is a static webiste generator. Rather than building a page from the database for every click, the pages are pre-built and ready to be served. This provides many immediate benefits, as outlined below.
  • High performance - because the pages are pre-built, they can be served very quickly.
  • Low database dependance - in many cases, only the CMS itself uses the database, so the database can go down and the site will continue to function.
  • High security - because the pages can be built with no embedded coding or database access, there is nothing for a hacker to attack.
  • Support for a DEV site - you can maintain a site that shows your latest changes, for review. Once the new content is approved on the DEV site, you can publish it to your production site.

Below are the details of some of the custom modules.

  • Text content
  • Fully integrated blog
  • Image gallery - create a spread of thumbnails. Clicking a thumbnail opens a full-screen slideshow
  • Press Release page
  • In the News page
  • Manage Locations
  • Manage Staff
  • Testimonials
  • Slideshows
  • Manage website navigation
  • Link list - create and maintain a well-formatted list of resource links
  • Image management - used when an image is part of a section and may require special formatting
  • YouTube - embed YouTube videos so they are responsive and use all available customization parameters
  • FAQ Module - maintain a well formatted list of frequently asked questions
  • User/Account management - with access to different admin areas controlled by role assignment


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