Social Media

Fresh content legitimizes your organization, moving you beyond “just another company selling something.” Distributing this content across social media platforms generates industry and buyer interest, with calls-to-action that result in increased website traffic.

Impel Digital offers three Online Social Media (OSM) programs, each of which can be tailored to fit the needs of your business. All of our programs come with success metrics, which include baseline numbers, regular reporting, analysis and recommendations based on that analysis.

Creating a Community

Every business needs to have a presence on social media to help new customers find you, and to keep your current customers up-to-date. We'll help you determine which networks best fit your business and your target market, then help you get established. For each social media platform that you want to have a presence on, we'll set up your profile. Impel Digital will ensure that your branding is represented consistently across every network, that each profile is optimized and in compliance with the rules of each network, and that your social media is well-integrated with your website and newsletter, if applicable.

Building and Engaging Your Community

Many companies find that after a certain point, the online social media community that they have built hits a plateau. When this happens, it's time to reevaluate your current OSM plan and start a campaign to build and engage your fan base. It's not enough to just post static content that gets an occasional like. You need to engage your community with content that has a Call to Action. Whether it's a contest that involves sharing posts and inviting their friends to join the community, or posts that encourage your fans to tell you a bit more about themselves, Impel Digital will help you come up with content that your followers will want to interact with.

Content Creation

Impel Digital will create and curate content for your social media profiles, making sure that you stay in front of your community. Through development of a content calendar, we will determine the outline for the categories of posts such as promotional, educational, informative, and humorous, as well as the schedule and frequency of posts for each social network. Posts are easily created and can be posted immediately or scheduled for a future day/time, across multiple social profiles. Commonly used #hashtags in posts will be documented and their appropriate use described, so we can be diligent and consistent in their usage.

All of our social media offerings are tailored to your industry, your target market, and above all, your business. Whether you need a catchy hashtag, more Facebook fans, or a steady stream of new content for your blog, we’re here to help.

Impel also offers reputation management services. We’ll monitor social media and review sites for mentions of your company, making sure that happy customers are thanked, unhappy customers are soothed, and that misinformation is corrected.

We will provide you with monthly reports on your social media statistics and regularly update our strategy to reflect what content your customers are engaging with.

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