Custom CMS - FAQ Module

The FAQ module lets you easily create and maintain a well formatted, easily maintained list of questions and answers, custom formatted to be consistent with your site's design.

Here is a look at the page to manage FAQs, showing the list of questions already entered. You can re-order the questions simply by dragging the questions.

FAQ Screenshot

Below is an example of what the published FAQs look like.

What makes WordPress slow?

WordPress is often slow because of the plugin model. The style and code files for each plugin are separate, so they have to be downloaded individually. This can be time consuming. With our CMS, all of the style and code files are combined and minimized into just two files, which download quickly.

What makes WordPress insecure?

Again, the plugin model. Site owners like to install plugins that they hear about. This can give their site new abilities, but it can also introduce a back door which gives hackers access to your site.

What makes WordPress hard to use?

WordPress is a generic application that has to work in many different scenarios. That means there can be lots of features that don't really apply to your website. Our CMS is customized so it has exactly what you need to run your website.

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