Branding, Strategy and Positioning

Your company needs one visual identity, one message, and one direction. We work with you to understand what that is, in the context of your firm’s strengths, industry trends and your competitive positioning. Then we use that input to develop your website design and content.

We can also help you develop print collateral and overhaul your social media profiles to ensure that they all reflect your branding and messaging.

When you work with Impel Digital, your branding goes beyond so much more than a logo and font choice. We’ll discuss the best communication style to interact with your customers, where you should engage with your target market, and how your branding can influence every part of your business, from your Facebook profile to invoices and receipts.

Because so much business is conducted online now, it’s important to have clear and consistent branding to convey your brand identity to your customers. And if you do have a store front or restaurant, your branding should tie in with your physical location, so that customers can’t see one without thinking of the other!

Your brand is your image, your voice, and your presence. Whether you’re a business, an organization, or even an individual person, a consistent brand sends a clear and consistent message about who you are.

A strong brand is about memorability. When people resonate with your brand, they remember you, and that’s when word-of-mouth advertising kicks in. Customers will remember who you are, what you do, and how their friends can find you, because it’s all tied up into your brand.

Our branding experts will work with your company’s sales and marketing teams to ensure that your brand values are expressed in every customer interaction.

As a wrap-up, we create a guide, which covers your business strategy, messaging, and branding. This will provide clear direction on how to scale your efforts as your business grows, including how to build out your collateral to ensure that you have consistency across every platform.

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