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Executive Summary

Digital content publisher Webcollage needed to better leverage their partner relationships to attract more clients. Because they were already working with large, well-branded companies, they had to find a way to reach other high-value clients.

Webcollage's internal marketing efforts were hampered by being stretched too thin. By bringing in dedicated outside help, they were able to do a campaign of A/B tested monthly announcements to refine their mailings, which allowed them to connect with Fortune 1000 firms.

Client Profile

Webcollage is a NYC-based firm that set the standard for content publishing. They help companies large and small provide rich product information to their retailer channels to drive sales. With a roster of clients that includes Bose and Best Buy, and services ranging from enhanced product descriptions to interactive tours, they are well-established in the industry but have no desire to rest on their laurels.

Business Challenge

Because Webcollage knew marketing, they felt like they could handle their own marketing needs in-house. Unfortunately, with such a demanding roster of clients, their marketing team was left with little time to find ways to leverage their partnerships, which resulted in inconsistent branding and a lot of half-finished projects. “We clearly needed some outside help,” said Yuda Doron, Board Director.


Webcollage hired Impel Digital (then Ani Marketing Service) to overhaul their marketing efforts. Impel started by clarifying the brand identity and rolling out a new collateral system that displayed clear, consistent branding.

With the brand solidified, Impel proceeded with a series of monthly partnership updates focused on their high-profile clients. This campaign included A/B testing to determine optimal subject word count and content in order to maximize readership of these mailings.


Within nine months of the new branding and mailing initiative, Fortune 1000 companies were reaching out to Webcollage with cross-promotional opportunities. This increased interest in partnerships justified the hiring of a full-time marketer.


“Bringing in [Impel] allowed us to reach new clients while still focusing our attention on our current clients,” said Doron. “It was such a boon to finally have clear, consistent branding and a well-thought-out email campaign.”

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