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Executive Summary

When Jack Eyes was ready to launch their business as a new player in the luxury eyewear market, they knew they had to enter the scene with a sharp online presence in order to be taken seriously.

The creation of a website with professional fashion photography and social media communities tied into the company's branding, paired with smart management of media and retail partnerships allowed the company to launch so successfully that within a year their website was copied!

Client Profile

Jack Eyes is a New York-based fashion eyewear company specializing in luxury opitcal frames and sunglasses designed in-house. They cater to a stylish clientele who want chic, timeless eyewear.

Business Challenge

As a new company, Jack Eyes needed to establish their brand and reach customers in order to have a successful launch and turn a profit. “Launching any company can be difficult, but launching a luxury brand carries it own challenges,” said Consuelo Cruz, Head of Sales. “You have to get people excited enough about your brand to make up for the lack of name recognition.”


Jack Eyes partnered with Impel.Digital (then Ani Marketing Service) to establish an online presence and smart marketing practices. Impel worked with the client every step of the way, from photo shoots for ad campaigns to web design to developing a social media presence. Special care was taken to create a website that used “man on the street” style fashion photography showcasing Jack Eyes' frames against a metropolitan NYC backdrop.

In addition, Jack Eyes was able to connect with the media thanks to Impel's help in developing media contacts and writing and distributing press releases. Database development for retail partners and tradeshow recommendations allowed Jack Eyes to continue to grow their business.


Within one year Jack Eyes was breaking even. Furthermore, their unique and stylish website design was copied by other brands.


“You know you've succeeded when you've caught the attention of not just your target market, but also your competitors!” said Cruz. “[Impel] made our launch and first year a success.”


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