Tantalizing Tools You Need to Know for Growth Marketing

Growing an online business is not an easy task. With increased competition, mobile-enabled price comparisons and market saturation, it can be a tough go for those unprepared for the challenges of online marketing. Having a ready supply of business expansion tools can be essential to your success. While your competitors are waiting for SEO tactics to send them traffic, you can be proactively pursuing qualified leads for your business. Check out the following list of growth marketing resources to see which ones will make it into your marketer's toolbox.


SeeVolution offers a suite of products that combine website heatmaps with real-time analytics. They offer three main products.

Click Heat Maps. By seeing where visitors click on your pages, you can determine popular areas of your website and understand which areas need improvement.

Mouse Movement Heat Maps. Visitors will often drag their mouse over the areas they are looking at. This good idea of what is attracting your visitors' attention so you can make sure visitors are paying attention to what you want them to see, without being distracted.

Scroll Heat Maps. These reports let you see how far down visitors are scrolling. This can help you rearrange your site to make sure your visitors are seeing the most important content. It can also tell you how successful you are in making changes to get your visitors to move deeper into your pages.

With real time data analysis and a variety of available plug-ins, SeeVolution could just be the analysis tool you need to understand your opportunities for engagement.

SeeVolution offers a 14-day free trial and an inexpensive $9/month "Light" plan, so it's worth a try.


ThinkUp offers both mobile and web-based tools to help you understand the data inside your social media connections. Using ThinkUp to grow your online marketing business, you'll have access to customized insights specific to your business' niche. Understand everything from social media sentiment analysis to follower analytics. If you haven't discovered the power of ThinkUp for business building, you'll be amazed at the powerful insights at your disposal.

ThinkUp also offers a 14-day free trial and an inexpensive $5/month entry plan. Put this one on the list too!


KeyLines offers network visualization software to help you discover the potential of your networks. Using KeyLines, you'll be able to unearth potential sales leads and collaboration opportunities. Offering a variety of tools, you're able to create custom visualizations specific to your needs. Created as a resource for software engineers, the data analysis tools that KeyLines offers can be extremely helpful to those wise enough to use for their own data mining.

Preparation is essential if you want to succeed in the online marketing world. You can't sit idly by and hope sales opportunities will come your way. You need to avail yourself of the resources at your disposal to understand your niche, track and monitor your competition, and exploit opportunities when they're discovered. Finding resources that can help you complete those tasks is crucial if you want to manage your time wisely. Will any of the above-listed tools help you to become a more successful online marketer?

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