Public Relations

Before doing business with you, many buyers prefer to get objective opinions from the press. To develop these relationships in a meaningful manner, we help you build a list of key contacts at industry-relevant publications. Then we work with your customers, partners and spokespeople from your firm to provide regular newsworthy releases to the press.

Whether you’re announcing a new product release, a new partnership, or a new CEO, your press release helps keep your company in front of media outlets and at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

We send these releases directly to the press before going public, allowing additional content to be developed by the editors and journalists. The publication of these releases by the press are third party referrals, providing objectivity and inbound links, which improve both SEO and website traffic.

Impel Digital will work with you every step of the way:

  • Identify target publications
  • Build a mailing list
  • Create a content calendar for press releases
  • Write or edit releases
  • Ensure that releases comply with branding
  • Send releases out at optimal times
  • Correspond with journalists and media
  • Organize interviews
  • Review and approve articles and interviews
  • Cultivate lasting media relationships
  • Cross promote press releases and news articles on your social media outlets
  • Monitor social media for mentions of press release and articles
  • Report on results of each release

We will also work with you to periodically update your press list, adding new contacts, removing invalid email addresses and checking that you’re still contacting the right people at each publication.

Having a robust content calendar of press releases and a healthy relationship with industry journals is vital for your business’s visibility.

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