10 Thoughts About SEM

  1. Search Engine Marketing is NOT like traditional advertising media. It lets you target people who are in the process of actively looking for your product or service
  2. Consequently, it's critical that you use conversion tracking and analytics. You should be able to prove a positive ROI on your ad spend with solid data. You can't manage what you can't measure.
  3. Take advantage of knowing how the auction works. You can get better placements for a fraction of what your competitors are paying if you know the "secret" - a great Quality Score.
  4. A successful ad group has a tight content theme. The ad group's keywords, ads and landing pages should be extremely focused on one theme. Generally, if you have more than 25 keywords in an ad group, you should consider splitting into multiple ad groupos.
  5. Keyword research is critical. When evaluating a keyword, look at Frequency, Relevance and Competition.
  6. Use all available ad extensions to make your ad stand out from your competition.
  7. Always test! You can stop testing when your CTR and Conversion Rate are both at 100%. There is always room for improvement!
  8. The time it takes to assemble and maintain a comprehensive list of negative keywords and exclusions will pay dividends in cost savings and account performance.
  9. Use remarketing to leverage your investment. Create a sense of urgency and remind visitors throughout the sales cycle.
  10. Increase your efficiency by using the AdWords Editor for speed, collaboration and bulk management.


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