10 Excellent Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts

So you've written an awesome blog post. The content is catchy and relevant, and the length of the post is "just right." The SEO keywords are all taken care of. You've shared your post on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter, but you still aren't getting the type of traffic you should be getting for your excellent content. Try these 10 ways to extend the reach of your post.

Share your post on

JustRetweet is a free community of bloggers who share each other's content with their followers. When you like or retweet someone's tweet, you earn points which you can use to submit your own tweet that members can share. This is great to get some quick traffic and build your Twitter following as well.

Join Triberr and share your content

Triberr is a community of bloggers and influencers who read and share content. Once you sign up, you can create as many "tribes" as you like according to subject. You can link your blog's RSS feed, and each time you post, the content is shared with your tribe. This is also an effective way to build social media followers.

Include linkbacks in your posts

Is there a blogger that has impressed or influenced you that you would like to mention? Link back to their blog in your post. Many bloggers will appreciate the traffic, and if your content is well written, they're more likely to mention you as well. It's a win-win.

Submit your content to content-curation platforms and are two popular content-curation sites that allow you to create online digital magazines by curating content around your favorite topic. lets you "suggest" a link to your content on users' pages, and on, you can interact with other curators. Both sites make it possible for you to discover and network with bloggers in your niche.

Use social bookmarking sites

A simple way to share your content immediately is through social bookmarking sites, such as ReddittStumbleUpon and Digg, all of which will help get more website traffic. For the best results, remember to polish your blog posts and make sure your images are optimized before submitting.

Convert your blog post into a video, Powerpoint or audio version

You can then submit them to sites like YouTube (video), (Powerpoint) or iTunes (audio), with a link back to your original blog post.

Try paid blog promotion

If you'd like to spend some money to get your content in front of more people, consider networks such as Outbrain and Taboola. You pay when someone clicks on your article.

Download the BlogPingy app

This app submits your blog to more than 30 blog search engines and directories. Each time your blog is updated, your content is shared.


ClicktoTweet allows you to format a "tweetable link" in your blog post. You can highlight quotable quotes, important points or other information that can be tweeted directly from your content.

Collect email addresses

This is common sense and should be standard practice for every blogger. Have a compelling "opt-in" for visitors to your site. You can offer a free e-book or PDF document of your best tips as a way to have visitors sign up, but at least have an opt-in form on the first page of your site. This is the best way to share your content regularly and with a faithful audience.

There are truly many ways to generate traffic to your blog. Your best starting point is to write excellent content regularly, so your audience will continue to expand. Take advantage of some of these methods to improve the promotion of your blog's posts.

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