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Impel Digital has substantial experience in developing, designing, marketing and maintaining business web sites. We have worked with small businesses, manufacturers, non-profits and Fortune 500 Companies and have built web sites and applications from the simplest to the most complex.

Our team of professionals will work with you to define your strategy. From there we will design a site, build it and help you grow sales, increase your visibility, reach your audience and build loyalty.

We understand the value of usability. We are in touch with the latest techniques and the most useful technologies to build a powerful Internet presence for you.

A Few Case Studies

Lead Generation

Archive ystems website

Company: Archive Systems – Business Services

Problem: Needed to fill marketing funnel with qualified prospects.

Solution: Tested different methods of increasing engagement.

Outcome: By becoming a thought leader in their field and providing top-notch services, they were acquired by a Berkshire Hathaway company in 2016.

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Strategy & Positioning

Marco Polo New World website

Company: Marco Polo New World Financial – Technology Startup

Problem: Coming out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Solution: Logo, branding, website, social media, communications

Outcome: Two years later, company is breaking even, active communications with their prospects, new customers acquired with new programs

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WebCollage website

Company: WebCollage – US-Based Digital Content Publisher

Problem: Leveraging partner relationships

Solution: Email campaign with A/B testing

Outcome: Within 9 months, Fortune 1000 firms were reaching out for cross-promotions. This increased interest justified hiring a full-time marketer.

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Social Media Content

Open Systems Technologies website

Company: Open Systems Technologies – Privately Held Recruiting Firm

Problem: Need more quality candidates

Solution: Website, social media, blogging

Outcome: Within one year, social media calendar targeting candidates, partners, and best practices, new candidates increased 10% and partners increased by 5%

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Public Relations

Dad Day logo

Company: DadDay – Classes offered by a private practice therapist

Problem: Therapist looking to grow his monthly DadDay classes for new fathers

Solution: Website, direct mail, promotional materials, email

Outcome: Within one year, steady business growth and invitations to speak

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Social Media Marketing

Ani Marketing Service

Company: Ani Marketing Service – NYC-based marketing agency

Problem: Needed more leads to grow portfolio of clients

Solution: Social media and thought leadership

Outcome: After two years, a 25% increase in business.

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Web Design & Development

Jack Eyes

Company: Jack Eyes – New York-Based Fashion Eyewear

Problem: New player in the luxury market

Solution: Website, social media, press catalogs, partner program

Outcome: Within one year, website design copied, company broke even

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Public Relations

Ryland Angel

Company: Global Opera Singer Ryland Angel

Problem: Needed a wider range of projects, beyond stage

Solution: Grass roots PR program

Outcome: Article in Martha Stewart Weddings, requests to perform in film scores like Henry IV and Machete

Video Production

McGraw Hill Education video

Company: McGraw Hill Education – Global Publishing

Problem: Need better engagement with the market

Solution: Recorded thought-leadership presentations for emails, blogs, website

Outcome: For one video, 85 downloads within 4 hours resulted in newly generated leads

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Lazy Meadows Realty

Lazy Meadows Realty website

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Loving Memory Flowers

Loving Memory Flowers website

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Big Rig Trucks & Trailers

BigRigTT.com website

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Desi Natural Dahi

DesiDahiNatural.com website

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Misner Insurance

InsuringAG.com website

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Optimum Health & Fitness

OptimumHealthGroup.org website

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Overtime Sports

Overtime Sports website

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Some Creative Samples

Pope John Integrated Campaign
BMW Brochure
Engine Direct Logo
Caribbean Blue Pools & Spas Website
Land Rover Freelander Brochure
Deloitte Direct Marketing
Loving Memory Flowers
Energy Zone Logo
University of Music Website
Oxfam Print Ad
Mercedes Brochure
Pope John Football Integrated Campaign
Land Rover Freelander Teaser
OnTrade Print Ad
Physical Fix Website
Excel T-Shirts

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